Whatever your video needs are – we’ve got you covered!

Filming. We use all the latest and greatest in camera gear to meet your needs. Anything from shooting on ground with large broadcast cameras on tripods or small mirrorless cameras on sliders and gimbals to shooting above ground with drones.

Lighting. The lighting gear is available from hard lights to soft lights, diffusers and much more.

Audio. We provide separate audio recorders with wide range, boom microphones, microphones on stands, for capturing audio for concerts, interviews, background sounds, movies etc.

Editing. Creating a one minute video from a 30 hours raw material shot with a bunch of different cameras or editing a YouTube show or hour-long documentary is what we do on a regular basis.

Animation. No modern video is complete without even a short animated bit. Animation can help narrate a story in a way that sometimes shot scenes cannot.

Out of ideas? We are not. If you don’t have any or you are stuck at some point, we always bring new ideas to the table.

Short deadlines? Don’t worry, we have a big crew with vast experience in acting, producing, directing and logistics, so we can take the pressure off your shoulders.


You can pick and choose our services or just take the whole package, depending on your project. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will make sure to offer you a deal that best suits your needs.